BayMOO Security Authority

Welcome to the BayMOO Security Authority! BSA is a clearinghouse for establishing cryptographically secure identities and communication between members of the BayMOO community. The clearinghouse, (or Certificate Authority as it is technically known), acts as a third party that you and those you communicate with can rely on to verify your identities.

To participate in the community, you must follow three steps. First, you must configure your browser to trust the BayMOO Security Authority as a certificate authority. Second, you must submit a certificate signature request in order to obtain your own security certificate. Finally, when your certificate is ready you must pick it up and install it.

1. Add the BayMOO Security Authority to your list of trusted certificate authorities.
2. Generate a private identity key and request a signed certificate from the BayMOO Security Authority.
3. Pick up and install your certificate when it is ready.