BayMOO Security Authority

Adding BSA as a trusted CA

You are about to add the BayMOO Security Authority to your list of trusted certificate authorities. A certificate authority is an individual or company which holds the power to certify the identity of an individual on the Internet. By adding BSA as a certificate authority, you are configuring your browser to automatically trust the identity of any individual who has a BSA digital signature on his or her identity certificate.

What am I trusting?

You are trusting that BSA will only sign the certificates of individuals that BSA has certified are real people. This trust is only useful for establishing the real name, and possibly location, of the individual with which you are communicating.

What am I not trusting?

You are not trusting BSA to identify the trustworthiness of an individual. For example, if you were to encounter Satan on the Internet it is quite possible for his identity certificate to have a BSA signature. This signature only asserts that BSA has determined to the best of its ability that the owner of that certificate is in fact Satan. It does not signify that BSA believes that Satan is a good person with which to bargain.

If you understand and are comfortable with the trust previously outlined, you are ready to

What's next?

After adding BSA to your list of trusted signing authorities, you are ready to complete step number two: requesting a personal certificate signed by BSA.