BayMOO Security Authority

Personal certificate request

On this page you can request a personal SSL certificate that you can use with Netscape Mozilla and Microsoft Internet explorer web browsers for secure e-mail and to authenticate yourself to SSL websites. Your certificate will carry a BSA signature that certifies that you are whom your certificate says you are.

Filling out the form

The information you supply on the form below falls into two categories. The fields in blue, and suffixed with asterisks, will appear on your final certificate. These fields will be readable by anyone who chooses to examine your certificate. The fields in red are information that we need only for authenticating you before we sign your certificate. Once we have established that you are whom you say you are, we will throw the information in these fields away.

If you have questions as to the format of a field, or need examples, follow the hyperlink on its name.

1. Full name*
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E-mail address*
Key size*
Phone number
PGP fingerprint
2. Notify me via e-mail when my certificate is ready.