That's my name. Jeremy Cooper in fact. Compared to this computer, I'm not much worth mentioning, but as it happens, computers take on personalities of the people who run them. Maybe by reading about me, you might get a feel for what simon is really like.


Simon is one of my prized posessions. Posing as the broke student I am, I was able to buy the monitor, keyboard, mouse, memory, and disk drives for a mere $250. I don't think there will ever be another miracle quite like this again.


I'm not very good at telling people about my interests, because they seem so obvious to me. I'm much better at talking about myself when someone else is asking me questions. So I've made a little program which will attempt to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

However, I have started to build a collection of articles on various subjects that I have researched. You can find them in my collection "Dr.J's Universe", also on this same website.

If you think you might have some past connection with me, here is a link to some places and events that I have been in my life.

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