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Jason Han, Mike Shea Taken 29 January 2002 or thereabouts.
Jason Han wanted to learn to tie a bow tie ...
Also in attendance at this event (but not shown) was an amazing athlete.
420 Bellevue - Shea & BG Taken 29 January 2002 or thereabouts.
This the the man B.G. from Long Beach, chillin like a villian.
The Sorceror and the Apprentice Here we are: haggis and blast at 1.30 am. One of a string of loooong nights for this man. Thanks to wendiw for this picture.
magicShea This is a picture from about April of 99.
I'm at a friend's house in Berkeley.
I am playing with a hat.
skewedShea Pick-up gig with Noelle Hampton.

It is about March of 99 and I am at a friend's engagement party.

My friend also took this picture. Thanks, Sean!

ultimateShea Check this out: it's from a news article this guy wrote on 25 September, 1998.

Standing behind me is my crazy old roommate.

natureShea Can't have a mohawk picture without this one. 13 Friday 1998.
Cat-In-The-Hat Shea With Pipes On The Side This is a picture from Labor Day of 1997. My band (NEJC) was in Oregon for Labor Day Week, and we went to play this place called Roger's Zoo, which was in need of a little attention.

So I attracted some for them.

Werkheiser and Shea This is a picture from Memorial Day of 1997. That's Dave Werkheiser up there on the Hills of Novato with me.
dreadShea This is a picture from about September of 1994. I am in the Quality Assurance department of Broderbund Software.

/~ Ohhh, where it aalllll begaaaaaan... /~

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