Canon RAW Image Converter 2.0, Installer "bug": Can't install under MacOS X

When I bought a PowerMac G5 desktop computer and then tried to install Canon's latest RAW Image Converter (version 2.0) to decode RAW images that I had taken long ago with my Canon PowerShot G1 digital camera, I found that I couldn't run the installer, because it would always display the error dialog "Cannot install under this OS." I seemed to recall that this meant that I had to boot into OS 9 to actually install the utility; but you can't boot into OS 9 with a G5! What to do?

I figured that there was no good reason for the installer to enforce that I be running OS 9; Classic mode should emulate whatever it needs just fine. So I decided to "fix" the installer. This page describes how you can fix your installer too. Unfortunately, following these instructions are your only route to freedom. I cannot legally redistribute the fixed version. So roll up your sleeves and read on!

Patching the Canon RAW Image Converter installer

1. Download and unpack the installer

First, you must download the Canon RAW Image Converter from Canon's website. This page assumes that you have already done so, and have already unpacked the BinHexed file and unstuffed it (this should have occurred automatically). Now you should have a folder on your Desktop named "RIM202".

2. Open the "Terminal" application

You must now open a Terminal so that you can issue a very archaic and complex command-line patch. If you've never opened "Terminal" before, you can find it in the "Utilities" folder inside your "Applications" folder.

3. Change directories to the Installer application.

Once you have Terminal running, you will be presented with a command prompt. From this command prompt you must issue the command:

cd Desktop/RIM202/English

This will change your current directory to the directory in which the installer application file resides.

4. Patch the installer

Before executing this step, it is important to verify that your have downloaded the very same RAW Image converter installer that I have. Find the RAW Image Converter Installer application inside the RIM202 folder on your desktop and issue a "Get File" command (File->Get Info, or Command-I) on it. The file size should be 802812 bytes and the version should read "".

Once you have verified that you have the right file, issue the following command in the terminal window. You must issue this command exactly as it appears.

printf "H\0\0\4" | dd of="RAW Image Converter Installer" conv=notrunc bs=1 seek=0x6e9f0 count=4

If the command runs correctly, you will see the following:

4+0 records in
4+0 records out
4 bytes transferred in secs (xxxxx bytes/sec)

5. Run the installer

Now double click on the installer. If it works, pat yourself on the back: you typed in the patch command correctly! If it crashes, close the terminal, delete the RIM202 folder from your desktop, unpack the installer again, and start over.